Bath Salts

Our aromatherapy bath salts are marine salts hand harvested from the Atlantic ocean and unlike industrial salt, our salts do  not contain artificial chemicals nor any anti-caking agents as our salts have a natural low moisture absorption. Our salts contain a higher mineral content than ordinary salts. We have added essential oils and a touch of colour.Bath-Salt-And-Lavender-485x728

 The salts are packaged either in a 500g glass containers or in sealable plastic doy packs (1kg). We also have 5kg and 10kg buckets for bulk users. Please ensure you seal all containers after opening so the salts retain their aroma for future use.



Simply add ½ cup of salts to your running bath water. By the time you step in, the salts would have dissolved fully. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the your bath salts.

Benefits of a sea salt bath

Sea Salt soaks offer a wide array of health benefits.
Regular practice of sea salt soaks may be beneficial to those suffering from:

  •          Dry skin disorders
  •          Acne
  •          Musculoskeletal pain
  •          Eczema
  •          Psoriasis
  •          Arthritis pains
  •         Sports injuries