Relief Candle

Soy Massage Candle


Soy massage candles are available in 3 sizes and 9 varieties.

All contain: dermatologically approved soy wax, shea butter, avocado oil and essential oils. Essential oils vary per candle.

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Product Description

Aromatherapy soy candle which can be used in 3 ways:

As a candle to burn

Use the oil as a massage oil

Use the oil to moisturise

Simply light the candle and allow an oil pool to develop from one side of the container to the other. You can dip your fingers in to retrieve the oil or use a spoon/spatula. You can then apply the oil to your skin as the oil is warm (not hot). When you are finished, simply extinguish the flame and any remaining oil will solidify back to an oil state for use the next time. Remember to trim the wick between uses.

Some of our clients have had a noticeable reduction in eczema and psoriasis when the oil from our candles is applied to their skin.